Joe Keegan writes his first Love Song about Achill

Mayo Manchester Tradfest star, Joe Keegan loved his visit to Achill Island with the annual Tradfest that much that he has released a song penned on the Island.

The single is called “Wild Winds" and it’s Joe’s first love song. It is his most heavily folk and Country influenced song to date. The Irish singer who has performed alongside Nathan Carter and Daniel ODonnell has a love of Irish Trad and Irish Country and the song reflects these influences.

When asked about the new release Joe replied “This song talks so plainly about what it's like when you get hit by those momentary reminders of how sweet the little things in life can be." i began writing this reflective love song whilst touring on the west coast of Ireland with the Mayo Manchester Tradfest last summer and It's the first of many singles that I hope to release this year. I can’t wait to play it live on Achill when we return with the Tradfest on Friday 2 August at the Achill Head Hotel with the Fianna Phadraig Pipe Band and Friends.”

Joe’s Debut EP "The Pick Myself Up EP" was a real flag in the sand moment for the 21 year old artist. Since its release on 20th February last year it has accumulated over 35,000 streams on Spotify alone as well as over 50,000 views on videos across his social media platforms.

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