Mayo Author releases ninth Romantic Novel

The Mayo based author Kate Kerrigan who lives in the fishing village of Killala just outside Ballina has just released her ninth Romantic novel called ‘It was only ever you’.

The bestselling Romantic fiction author has had comparisons to ‘Maeve Binchy’ in her style. When asked about the comparison Kate replied “I suppose the comparisons are no coincidence as my editor for my latest book and my previous best seller ‘The Dress’ is none other than Rosie de Courcy. Rosie discovered and worked closely with both Maeve Binchy and Australian author Colleen McCollough (of Thorn Birds fame).”

Her latest book is set in late 1950s in Ireland and New York, the story of three women and the charismatic man with whom their lives are interwoven.

The lead character - Patrick Murphy, has charm to burn and a singing voice to die for. Many people will recognise his talent. Many women will love him. Rose, the sweetheart he leaves behind in Ireland, can never forget him and will move heaven and earth to find him again, long after he has married another woman. Ava, the heiress with no self-confidence except on the dance floor, falls under his spell. And tough Sheila Klein, orphaned by the Holocaust and hungry for success as a music manager, she will be ruthless in her determination to unlock his extraordinary star quality.

But in the end, Patrick Murphy's heart belongs to only one of them. Which one will it be?

The book already has its only song of the same title by recorded by the international Irish singer Tommy Fleming who lives just outside Ballina in Enniscrone. Tommy has recorded the song for his new album called ‘Stories’. The song was written by Kate’s friend Elaine Tighe, and the music is by Colm Henry.

When asked if she had any thoughts of producing a Romantic musical about the book with Tommy, Kate replied "It was such a thrill working with my old friend Elaine and Tommy on this song. With me in Killala, Elaine down the road in Ballina and Tommy across Killala Bay in Enniscrone - it was like a coastal triangle of creativity! Tommy has such success with Paddy - who knows - we might produce a romantic hit between us.”

You can view the song on Youtube

Kate was brought up in London by Irish parents and worked there for many years as a magazine journalist and editor. Her birth name is Morag Prunty and she came to Ireland in 1991. After ten years working in Dublin as editor of Irish Tatler, she finally got her dream of being a published writer. She left Dublin and moved into a 1920's house by the sea in the far west county of Mayo with her family. The house is in a small fishing village called Killala, right next to her mother’s hometown of Ballina – which she shares with her husband, Niall, and her two young sons. The author writes most days in a small cottage in her mother’s back garden, reading what she has written back to her before rushing off to pick up her children from school.
Her nine books are
9. It was only ever you
8. The Dress
7. Recipes for a Perfect Marriage
6. The Miracle of Grace
5. Ellis Island
4. City of Hope
3. Land of Dreams
2. The Lost Garden
1. Fall of Poppies
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